Online Coaching

What do you really want when you are looking for a PT or an Online Coach ?

  • A 6 Pack ?
  • Lose 20 kg ?
  • A great looking bum to show off to your girlfriends or maybe an Ex ?


These are all great and sure I can help you with that, however what I truly want to do is to help change your life. Pure and Simple !

With our online programs we discover how to best help make that change for you and have you living the life you deserve and in the body you have always dreamt of.


So what can you expect when you contact us;

Thorough Initial Assessment:

  • Discus with you your goals and plan with you the best way to help you achieve them
  • Discus your physical capabilities and your medical history to help with any contraindications that may arise with your new program
  • Talk about your lifestyle and how to fit your new program in with your current life

Customise Your Exercise Program:

  • Discus the types of training you have tried in the past and what you have enjoyed and not enjoyed
  • Look at what kind of volume and frequency will best work with your lifestyle
  • Talk about the different styles of training that will best suit your personality and goal

Individualised Nutrition Plan:

  • Tailor a nutrition plan to your goals and make it work with your lifestyle
  • Map out sample food plans based on foods you enjoy most
  • Optimised Macronutrient ratio for your goals and your outcome measures

100 % Access To Me:

  • Each of our team never take on more than 15 online clients at a time, to ensure we are giving our complete dedication and time to each and every one of them
  • Never feel you are doing it alone as we will be there whenever you need us
  • Accountability with weekly update photos and emails to keep you on track