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 Group Training is XP30

We at TrewExphys want to make exercise a fun and inclusive activity that will have you wanting to create healthy habits and have you becoming the inspiration to your friends and family to have them wanting to live happier and healthier lives along with you.

We have developed a great new concept called XP30 which is for all ages, fitness levels and abilities

What is XP30…..

XP30 is a circuit based training style that has you working to a time limit to allow each and every person to work at an intensity level that suits them. The session is 30 minutes in duration and will target all areas of your body to give you a well rounded and balanced workout that will see you feeling happier and healthier from the very first session.

We have a number of sessions throughout the day that cater to all abilities and there is a spot waiting for you right now.

Contact us today to find out more about these life changing programs and how it can have you living happier and healthier than you ever thought possible.