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Work Place Health Assessments and Health Programs

Our goal is to have your team living a happier and healthier life both in and out of the work place to help them more productive and less prone to stress resulting in reduced absenteeism and increased work time productivity. We can help design and implement a number of programs that will help not only your teams physical capabilities but also their emotional and mental drivers to ensure success.

  • Team Building Days
  • Health Assessments
  • Work Place Group Sessions or Bootcamps
  • Motivational Talks and Discussions

Executive Overhauls and Assessments

If your executive team are not functioning at their best in and out of the office then they are not helping the company grow as productively as it could be. We at TrewExPhys believe firmly in helping executives live a more balanced life which will see them manage their team better and help inspire them to work for your company in a more sustainable way.

  • Executive Health Assessments
  • Online Accountability Programs
  • Executive Group Sessions and 1 on 1 Training