Is Dark Chocolate Really a Healthier Alternative ?

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We have all heard it right?

The token Doctor or health specialist on the evening news or breakfast show talking up the benefits of Dark chocolate.

If you have a few squares a day you will help prevent heart disease, help fight cancer, lower your risk of type 2 diabetes and gain superhero powers.

Well maybe not the last one, but it seems that dark chocolate is the answer to all our prayers for longevity and health, or is it ?


On the face of it, it would appear that all the signs point to Dark Chocolate being the healthier option with a number of factors such as less sugar, much more fiber, higher levels of iron and the big one we always hear, higher levels of antioxidants. The picture below is a good summary of this and illustrates everything you have probably heard about why Dark Chocolate is better to have than Milk Chocolate.


In this article, I am only going to focus on one of these factors though and that is Antioxidants.

For a long time, the fact that Dark Chocolate is high in these has been the reason it has been lifted on its pedestal as the go to when looking for something sweet.

Oxidation is a technical name for a chemical process that we associate with something breaking down. There are many examples of this that occur in our everyday surroundings, from rust on an iron bar to the browning of a cut apple. Many of these oxidation reactions produce free radicals in our surroundings and in our bodies. This process is happening every second of every day inside our bodies, producing millions of free radical molecules to roam our body at their leisure.

These free radicals are considered the “bad” guys in our bodies as they have been linked to inflammation of our joints, acceleration of the ageing process, increased risk of heart disease and even some cancers. So it would seem that getting rid of these would aid in helping us stay healthy.

Antioxidants to the rescue !


Antioxidants scavenge free radicals from the body and prevent or limit the damage caused by oxidation.

Case solved, have more antioxidants and you will look younger, prevent heart disease and never get cancer… Hold up, not quite!

While many studies have shown that antioxidants can prevent damage to the cells within our body, the big problem is that cells in a lab don’t always act like the ones inside our bodies.

There is actually very little evidence to suggest that a diet high in antioxidants will result in a healthier human being, in fact, there is some emerging research to suggest that having extra antioxidants in your body could have a negative effect, such as dampening our bodies’ ability to fight disease.

So what is the answer, eat lots of dark chocolate to fight disease or look a little deeper into the science and look at a balanced equation for the answers.

I suggest you use chocolate as it is supposed to be, as the treat that indulges your naughty side and makes you feel good, nothing more, nothing less.
Don’t buy into this notion that having Dark Chocolate every night will keep you looking young, prevent heart disease or put you at a lower risk of cancer.

Eating lots of Dark Chocolate is much more likely to see you become overweight and put you at a greater risk of Type 2 Diabetes, Heart Disease, and some cancers than any health benefit you might have gotten from the consumption of that Dark Chocolate.

My take home message is this, enjoy chocolate for what it is, an enjoyable and deliciously dark, buttery joyful block of goodness and not for being the cure to all of mankind’s chronic diseases.

Thirty, Fit and Throwing It All Away

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So, we are moving to France

Why you ask…. (Why not? I say) But let me delve a little deeper and tell you exactly why.

Depending on when you came across my 10-year-old fitness business, the website, or our events, you may actually know me quite well. However let’s assume for the sake of this article you have no idea who I am, or what drives me.

With the impending birth of my first child any day now, I’ve been asking myself about what have I achieved, what sort of role model I will be and about my passion for helping people live happier, healthier and longer lives. I suddenly realised that for the past 10 years I had been running my business like the world told me to, and never once stopped to think if this was how I wanted to operate my business. For the first time, I began to acquire a nagging feeling of self-doubt.

Please don’t get me wrong, I love my life and I love my clients, many are great personal friends, but by and large they are intelligent, successful people highly motivated to stay fit who can justify spending some of their hard earned cash to have me tell them how to sustainably maintain a vigorous exercise regime.

And then I walk down the street and I see so many overweight people trying to hold their lives together who have neither the time nor the money to attend a gym and have me show them how being over weight is an option, it does not have to be that way.

So whom am I kidding? Myself?

All I am doing is helping the hand full who can afford me who, without me, would probably still be doing it for themselves or find someone else to take them through their paces.

This has been a process of self-assessment, self-awareness and maybe just an early onset of a mid life crisis all rolled into one. Fuelled, in part, by my over zealous consumption of web-based Fitspo’ (fitness motivation) and sporting lifestyle content.

I have been fortunate enough to have worked with hundreds if not thousands of people of all ages and abilities and helped them towards their fitness and recovery goals. However, this is no longer enough for me. I can’t sit by and continue to watch this world get fatter and unhealthier, living longer lives but far from their peak.

So that leads me to my opening line… Why am I moving to France?

Well its stunning, why wouldn’t I want to live in France and sip on a great Bordeaux while watching the sun set over the hills of Provence, watching our kids grow up running around with out a care in the world?

However, the real reason we want to do this is to remove ourselves from an environment that tells us that the shiny things in life are what you need to be successful.

By staying in Melbourne and continuing our lives here, I am routinely reminded and tempted by the white picket fence, the Porsche and the private schools that are what is expected of me and how we define success in this day and age. By switching it up and moving to a more simple life of family, food and fitness in a location that will challenge us and inspire creativity, I can begin to provide a service to the many who need the most help, all while putting my family first.

Where to from here you ask?

Okay. Now is when I need to get real.

We are doing this, that is for certain. We’re giving ourselves 100 weeks to achieve it, almost 2 years from now, but I know that we are going to do it. I just don’t know how we are going to do it…

That’s where I am going to need your help.

I am asking for your input in any way, shape or form. Notice I don’t say support. I don’t need your support. If you think I am nuts, tell me so. If you think you have an idea about how I can make a difference, tell me so. If you know someone in France with a house in Provence or the Cote d’Azure who would like to rent it to me for free, for the next 10 years…PLEASE tell me so.

I want to open source this adventure and I want you, if you think I have a point, to be part of it. I would love you to join us at the airport on the 2nd of April 2018 and see us on our way.

Please let me know what you are thinking

Bless you

Adam, Amy, Bub

Perfectionism…Just another excuse for your procrastination!

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I feel that the above statement can be translated into many factors of people’s lives today and it is THE NUMBER ONE reason why so many people are failing in their pursuit of their goals. I can best relate this to you with a story from when I was a hormonal and testosterone-filled 18 year old boy.

Picture this scene: I’m at a bar on a Saturday, out with a few mates. We are gearing up for a big night on the drinks and my hopes and dreams are that I might find a lovely lady that will take fancy to my smooth talking and charming ways. I see the popular girl from school across the dance floor and we exchange a few pleasantry nods of acknowledgment. I think to myself, and of course boast to my mates… Tonight is the night. Tonight I am going to go over to her. Tonight I will make my move. Tonight will finally be the night that I take action, put all the cards on the line and ask her out.

BUT, I must have the “perfect” amount of drinks, because I’m always more charming when I have a few drinks.

AND, I must come up with the “perfect” line to approach her with, as I don’t want to sound like a bumbling fool when talking to the most popular girl at school.

AND, I must wait for the “perfect” time to walk over to her, when she is alone and not surrounded by her friends and that big group of guys.

AND, I must make my hair look “perfect” (yes, I used to have hair).

AND, I have to have “perfect” breath, so I better chew on some gum.

AND, did I put my favourite cologne on and do I smell “perfect”?

Now, you may all be having a laugh at my expense as you picture a young and nervous teenage version of myself looking to do the simple task of asking out a girl, and I hope you are, because I was certainly no ladies man…

But, doesn’t this situation sound very familiar?

Don’t we all wait to find that “perfect” time for situations where we are looking to take a step to further ourselves in life?

Be it lose weight, asking our boss for a raise or promotion, start a new career, go into business for yourself, buy a house or simply to ask a girl to dance?

Now I’m not one to talk, as I have been just as guilty using the needs-to-be-perfect excuse on many occasions in the past and would attribute a lack of progression down to this very reason. This is my burden to bear and I am certainly self-aware enough that I don’t blame things like the market, location or right business plan for why I haven’t achieved what I have wanted to in life.

It comes down to one thing and one thing only, get up and do the work. Start with anything and begin to track and see what works and what doesn’t. Sure, there will be failures and there will be times when you make mistakes, however you’ll never know unless you give it a go and find out.

Now I absolutely respect that everyone is at different stages in life and you may have varying issues that play out from day to day that cause you to act in different ways. A person who has just lost a loved one, a single mother to 3 young children or a young family with a mortgage are all at different stages and will all have different responses to each of their own situational challenges.

However, we were all born with the one precious commodity that I feel we all take for granted and that is TIME. I think the following quote sums it up perfectly: “If you find that more than half of your waking time, is spent doing what you have to do, instead of what you want to do, somebody else is spending your treasure, because your treasure is time.” Not a truer sentence have I ever heard. (Click here for full video)

From birth we are all given 24 hours in each and every day to do with as we choose. What you choose to do with that time is up to you and in the end is all that really matters.

Stop using excuses like the ones above to justify your procrastination, because let’s face it, it’s the fear of failure that we are all scared of and not success.

Time, The Great Excuse

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There I was, 10pm on a regular weeknight, just about to put my head down to sleep when I thought I would check my Facebook feed one last time before heading off to sleep. With a few flicks of my finger on the screen of my phone, I was presented with a video I knew I shouldn’t watch, as it came from a entrepreneur I follow that is great at revving me up and inspiring me to do better or to do more with my life. I proceeded to click on the 18-minute long video anyway (VIDEO LINK), and settle in for some great inspirational content, as is so often the case. With my headphones attached and my 36-week pregnant wife lying asleep next to me, I was then a witness to what can only be described as one of the greatest rants I have ever heard from anyone in my life. Now, while this rant made me feel like I was back in the principal’s office in grade 5 and being told off for putting chewing gum in one of the popular girls hair, it also felt so passionate and 100% from the heart that in an instant I was awake and wasn’t going to get to sleep anytime soon.

It made me think, we are all far too quick to use time as the excuse to why we haven’t achieved what we want in life. It could be a weight loss goal, it could be starting a small business, or it could be as simple as starting a new skill like learning a new language. However, I put it to you, are we really that busy? Do we really have no time to be chasing the dreams we have always talked about doing?

I say no, we really aren’t and to use it as an excuse to why you haven’t achieved what you talk so often about is just plain lazy in and of itself.

Now, as I say this, I am saying it to myself as well. I am just as guilty if not more so than all of you reading this. I can’t tell you the amount of times I have tried to get myself to 9% body fat, or write a new article, or to even just put the dishes away and told myself “I don’t have time”. All the while knowing I am full of shit as I sit there and watch another episode of My Kitchen Rules, when I could have been putting time into any number of the above-mentioned activities.

Now I want to be very clear, if you are content in life and don’t yearn for something more, or wish you looked better in a bikini, or know 17 different languages, then please click that little X in the top of this article and stop reading. However, if you are like me and wish to make a difference in yours or other peoples lives, or have a skill you have always wanted to learn, then I want you to take a long hard look at yourself and the time you spend doing “stuff” in your everyday life and ask yourself: Is there something more I could be doing?

I am just going to answer that question for you. YES, YES there is!

Let’s presume most of you work the standard working day and on average you are up at 6-7am and you are home by around 7-8pm. Am I right in presuming that while you may have times in your life that this becomes more wide spread, this is probably your average day? This kind of hectic timeline has become standard these days however, it still remains that after sleep time of 6-8 hours you could potentially have anywhere from 4 to 6 hours of “play” time left in your day to do with as you please.

But Adam, you say, I must take time to wind down and relax and unwind from my day, to eat and to catch my weekly hit of reality TV. Great, go and do it, but stop complaining to yourself and the people around you, because I’m telling you no one is listening and no one really cares that you haven’t reached your goals!

If you want something, and I mean truly want something, then prioritise the time and get to it. The problem lies in the fact that we all want results now and aren’t prepared or simply don’t want to put in the hard work that is required to get the results we so desire.

So as I finish off this article I hope you haven’t read it and just thought, “Who is this guy to tell me what to do and how to live my life?” as you have missed my point completely. My take home message is this…

Please, please, please, I implore you to take 30 minutes out of your day, TODAY and not tomorrow, and sit down and really think about what you want to achieve in life and what your “real” goals are and just start doing it. Stop waiting for the perfect time to start, for the perfect weight loss program, the perfect set of circumstances that will let you take the leap. Take that first step and go at it with all your heart because I can assure you this…

Plenty of people look back on their lives with regret. Do you want to be one of them and saying to your loved ones, “I wish I had tried that” or would you rather think: “I can’t believe I achieved that”

If you ever need some help with setting your goals or wish to change your life through fitness, please feel free to contact me at anytime as I ALWAYS reply to my emails and would welcome the chance to help you in anyway I can.

E: [email protected]


Is Body Weight Training Effective For Muscle Growth ?

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The debate between gym junkies and callisthenic devotes has been raging on for years to whether you can get adequate progressions from body weight training to allow for muscular gains. Most would argue that to get a true super hero physique that you would need to be in the gym 6 days a week, lifting super heavy weights and eating a mountain of food to see the types of gains you typically see on the cover of most of our men’s health style magazines.

Now, while I wont go into the fact that many of the cover men on those magazines are probably taking some sort of “gear” and are most likely lifting heavy volume based sets in the gym, the question still remains, could you have this body shape by just a varied program of progression based bodyweight training…?

For now, lets just presume your nutrition is on point and you are sick and tired of waiting for the screaming gorilla in the gym to finish his pathetic excuse for a bench press and you want to give body weight training a go.

You will most likely ask the next three questions, so let me help to answer them for you and give you the best chance of building the body of your dreams while using the greatest tool we have in the gym, OURSELVES !

Where to Start ?

With so many of the men’s health magazines promoting supplement after supplement and putting some muscle head on the front cover that is screaming at you to lift big and do more of it… It can be hard to know where to even start to take your first step into a body weight program.

If all you have in your arsenal of body weight exercises are push-ups, pull-ups and squats you may think that after 10, 20, 30 of these that you have no where else to go.

There are a few principals that you can employ to make each rep you do become more difficult and thus increase the body’s response to the exercise, which will in turn see a greater muscle growth response. All you must do is keep in mind these two principles, leverage and time under tension. These may sound like fancy terms however are incredibly simple and effective tools to use when building muscle and can be applied in your body weight training.


Most people when trying to gain muscle in either a regular training program or body weight program lack one thing and that is IMAGINATION. If you can step back for a second and think a little out of the box, you can make simple changes to your current exercises that will have dramatic effects.

If we take push-ups as an example, you will most likely have done them a thousand times and never thought about how changing your bodies position or “Leverage Point” could change how you perform this basic exercise.  

By putting your feet on a box we now have a decline push-up, turn around and put your hands on the box and we now have an incline push-up, bring your hands into each other and you have a diamond push-up. The possibilities are endless and playing around with leverage can be an amazing tool to take major steps forwards in your development of that super hero body.

Time Under Tension

“Time under tension”, is just a fancy way of explaining different ways to extend or shorten the time in which it takes you to perform a repetition during an exercise. To keep things simple, lets take the push up as our example again. The usual method of performing this will probably see you taking one second to lower and then one second to rise. Research has show that once you contract a muscle beyond 50% you will shut down its blood flow which will in turn increase the build up of waste products in the muscle. This increase in lactate has been shown to pump up the body’s production of growth hormone in turn helping growth of the muscle.

A simple way to implement this can be by doing your push up in the below time pattern instead of the usual 1-1 time ratio most in your gym will be following.

Easy: 1-1-1 (1 second to lower, pause for 1 second at the bottom and take 1 second to return to start position).

Medium: 2-1-2 (Same as the easy, however now you will take 2 seconds to lower and raise back to start position with a 1 second pause).

Hard: 2-1-5 (Taking 5 seconds in the return phase of the push up can dramatically increase the waste production in your muscles and have great results).

Have a play around with these variations in time when you are next doing any of your exercises and see which works best for you.


What should I Do ?

Below I have outline a beginner to intermediate program that you can follow to get you body weight training underway. This program can be performed multiple times per week, however make sure that you always allow for adequate rest between your sessions and if you need any help with implementing this program then hit me up as I would be only to happy to discus.

Day 1:

  1. Elevated Push-Up
  2. Mountain Climbers
  3. Burpee Jumps (No Push-Up)
  4. Jumping Lunges
  5. Plank Push-Ups
  6. Leg Raises

Day 2:

  1. Squat (Squat Jumps for advanced)
  2. Side Plank Raise
  3. Dips
  4. Calf Raises
  5. Pull-Ups (Can use back of a bench, fence or pull-up bar if you have it)
  6. Plank Hold

Perform each exercise for 1 min trying to complete as many reps as you can. Have a short 5 to 10 second rest between each exercise and a 90 second rest after all 6. Repeat the circuit 3 to 6 times depending on your level of fitness level.

Will It Work ?

The main issue here is that body weight training takes patience and it takes commitment and we all know how time poor and impatient us humans are. This is why many people don’t succeed when it comes to building a great physique when using body weight training. It takes too long and is too hard to stick to for the long run and why you will most likely turn back to the good old bench press and bicep curls.

However if you can stick with it and put in the hard yards, play around with a few of the principals and programs I have outlined above, I am certain you will begin to see the results you have hoped for and will give you another tool in your belt when heading to the gym. The key is to find variety in training so that you don’t get stale, bored and tired of the same old program week in and week out. Give it a go and let me know if there is anything I can help you with when trying to change up your routine.

Exercise During Pregnancy: To Be or Not To Be

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Exercise during pregnancy is a highly debated topic and one I feel confuses a lot of women. This is a time of great change to a female’s body and it can be a hard time to know what is going to be expected of you when this little one inside you pops out in 9 to 10 months. So having to worry about what exercises are good for you and your baby is probably the furthest thought from your mind.

With my wife is now half way through her pregnancy to our first child, so I thought I would go through a number of exercises that I have and will continue to prescribe for her over her journey and discus some key points to consider during your pregnancy.

amyMy Wife at Week 22 Doing Her SB Circles


1st Trimester: This is a hotly debated topic when it comes to how hard or how much exercise is OK. Many say that raising your heart rate too high is dangerous while others suggest that it is fine and that using your bodies’ response is a better marker to what you should be doing. I strongly agree to the latter, listen to your body and go with what you feel comfortable with. If you are an accomplished runner then keep running, if you have never exercised in your life then take it slower to begin with. What you should be careful of are exercises that may have a high chance of falls or possible heavy contact such as gymnastics, competitive boxing and football. That said, there are a number of great activities that you could be doing during these first 12 to 15 weeks such as; running, walking, swimming, weight training, cycling and tennis.


2nd Trimester: Often referred to as the “Golden Period” with many of the issues that have held you back in your first 15 weeks like nausea, restless sleep and unrelenting lethargy have passed. This is your time to shine and a time that can be great for both you and your growing baby. If you were not crippled by sickness during your 1st Trimester you can certainly pick up your intensity at this time and enjoy some fun with your training. Getting into the gym and lifting more weights, attending classes like boxing, Zumba or Pump or hitting the treadmill for a run or walk can be great activities to go with and will certainly help your baby and your body for the approaching labor.


3rd Trimester: While you might still want to exercise during this trimester, your growing bump will become your greatest obstacle. Many women will experience back pain, shortness of breath, hemorrhoids, urinary incontinence, varicose veins and sleeplessness. With that all said, exercise is still very important at this time as your body is about to go through the toughest challenge you will ever face and you want to make sure you are strong and ready. You should try to avoid heavy lifting during this time as your ligaments and tendons begin to relax during the late stages of pregnancy. However, some lightweights and cardio can be a great way to stay active and strong. Combine this with pelvic floor exercises and stationary core exercises to ensure your body is at its best come the big day.


This can be a great time of change and excitement and an experience you will want to cherish and enjoy. Have fun with your exercise and keep it varied to allow your body to recover during your days off. Below I have detailed a general and well-rounded program I feel can be used from Month 1 to Month 10 and will have you feeling strong and ready for your little ones arrival.

Always seek the advice of a professional before starting any exercise regime when your pregnant. If you would like any more information or help with designing a program during or after your pregnancy, or just have a question you wish to ask me, please don’t hesitate to contact me as I would be only too happy to help.


Warm-Up Cardio: 5 to 15mins Gentle Cardio (Walk, Stationary Bike, X-Trainer)

 Exercise Circuit: 2 to 3 Circuits X 15 Reps Each Exercise

  1. Stationary Lunge
  2. Seated Bicep Curl
  3. Swiss Ball Supported Sumo Squat
  4. Shoulder Press Out
  5. DB One Arm Row
  6. Tricep Rope Pushdown

Cool Down Cardio: 5 to 15mins Gentle Cardio (Walk, Stationary Bike, X-Trainer)

Core and Pelvic Floor Exercises: 2 to 3 Circuits X 15 Reps Each Exercise

  1. Pelvic Hip Tilts (Standing or laying on side during 3rd Trimester)
  2. Pelvic Floor Squeeze and Release
  3. Hunting Dog or Hands and Knees Superman
  4. Seated Swiss Ball Hip Circles
  5. Bridge Hold (Either on Feet or Knees)

Eating Carbohydrates At Night: Good OR Bad ?

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Eating Carbohydrates, (Carbs) at night has gotten a bad wrap in one form or another for quite some time now and I thought it was time to address this and give you some cold hard facts that will either confirm or debunk this common belief.

In order to be unbiased and have an equal sided debate, we must first pull apart the fact from fiction and understand why many “professionals” have been telling us that Carbs at night are causing us to put on weight. I for one will put my hand up and say that I to have been dragged into this confusion around the timing of carbs and when it is best to eat them or if we should be eating them at all. So why the confusion and what we are being lead to believe.

  1. Metabolic Rate Slows Down at Night.

At first glance this seems to be completely plausible considering we are sleeping, surely that must mean we are using less energy than during the day, right?

Contrary to belief, numerous studies have shown that our metabolism while at first does reduce by around 35% (1), does begin to significantly increase as we shift into Rapid Eye Movement Sleep or REM Sleep. With this finding it appears then that as our bodies shift in and out of different levels of sleep throughout the night, we see varying levels in our metabolism and the overall effect seems to show that our energy expenditure is similar to that of our resting metabolic rate during the day.

  1. Insulin Sensitivity Is Reduced At Night

Insulin is the hormone responsible for helping our body move glucose from the blood into the cells so they can use it as a form of energy during exercise. When you compare blood insulin levels and glucose levels from morning to night post meal they are definitely higher after a meal at night. This would suggest that eating carbs in the morning are better than eating them at night.

However it must be said that your morning meal has come after a fast overnight and it has been shown that this fast may cause your insulin sensitivity to be higher.

A more fair comparison would be to compare these insulin sensitivity levels for a mid-day meal to a nighttime meal. When researches looked into this they found that there is actually no difference in insulin sensitivity or glucose tolerance (2).

  1. Eat More Frequent Meals To Help With Metabolism

We have all heard the fitness mags and the “professionals” on TV tell us that you must eat 4 to 6 meals per day and to consume these meals every 2 to 3 hours. Through this method you will make sure your body doesn’t go into “survival mode,” slowing down your metabolism and causing you to store your food when you next eat rather than have your body burn it up.

Well, in 2011 a study (3) showed that when two groups were made to eat the same calorie restricted diet with the difference being group one were made to spread out there carb intake while group two had most of their carb intake (Approximately 80%) at night. What they found was that group two lost significantly more weight and body fat as well as feeling less hunger. I’m sure your next question must be why; so let me tell you why.

In simple terms, every time you eat your body will release insulin, which as we have already discussed is responsible for pushing the glucose into your blood cells to be used for energy. It is this constant over-secretion of insulin that may cause you to feel hungry and crave carbohydrates and in turn most likely cause you to eat too much of them.

However, if you are used to eating every 2 to 3 hours and swap to eating less frequent meals you may find in the beginning that you are more hungry until your body has had time to recalibrate. The same researches mentioned above also found this to be the case amongst their two study groups. Group number two reported that while in the beginning of the study they felt hungry in the first week, this had significantly changed when compared to later in the study.

So what does this all mean and what can I tell you that will help you to reach your weight goals.

I do think that more research needs to be done to continue our understanding of the science behind what happens in our bodies when we eat, what we eat and how we eat. It is a complex issue that is not only confusing to the scientists that are performing the studies, but also to you the public trying to decipher through the mountains of crap we are delivered each and every day on our TV’s, magazines, celebrity interviews just to name a few.

In my opinion, what I can say with an absolute certainty, the notion of eating carbs at night compared to during the day or that carbs are bad for us is just NOT TRUE. What you should be more concerned with is making sure you are not consuming more calories than your body needs (if your goals is to lose weight) and that you enjoy your food and never restrict a certain type of food. This will may just end up with you craving this food and over consuming it sometime in the future.


  1. Katayose Y, Tasaki M, Ogata H, Nakata Y, Tokuyama K, Satoh M. Metabolic rate and fuel utilization during sleep assessed by whole-body indirect calorimetry. Metabolism. 2009 Jul;58(7):920-6.


  1. Biston P, Van Cauter E, Ofek G, Linkowski P, Polonsky KS, Degaute JP. Diurnal variations in cardiovascular function and glucose regulation in normotensive humans. Hypertension. 1996 Nov;28(5):863-71.


  1. Sofer S, Eliraz A, Kaplan S, Voet H, Fink G, Kima T, Madar Z. Greater weight loss and hormonal changes after 6 months diet with carbohydrates eaten mostly at dinner. Obesity (Silver Spring). 2011 Oct;19(10):2006-14.

How To Keep Your New Years Resolutions in 2016

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This time of year tends to give us all the same feeling that it has done in all previous years gone before it. The tree has been taken down, we have spent up big on the boxing day sales, eaten ourselves stupid at family events and now its time to make those dreaded New Years Resolutions. However this year will be different, this year is the year you will reach this goals, this time you are serious about your goals and there is nothing that will stop you from achieving them. You then find yourself in February and you have broken half your New Years Resolutions and you decide to give up on the rest and continue your life in the same pattern as you have done for all previous years gone before you.

Well I’m here to give you my top 5 tips to make sure this year is your year to make a difference in your life and a year that will see you reach all of your Resolutions.

Keep Your Resolutions Short Term

Don’t make resolutions that may take an entire year or more to achieve. The key to success is seeing progress and being able to reward yourself for this progress. If the goal will take you to long to achieve it will be very difficult to stay the course.

Make Your Resolutions Challenging, but Achievable

You don’t want to set your sights so high that you can’t imagine the finish line. An example of this might be choosing to suggest you “Wish to Run Your First Half Marathon”, instead of completing an ultra marathon in South Africa

Write Your Resolutions Down

It may seem like a very simple and straightforward thing to say, but most people never write down their resolutions or goals for the next year or the next 10 to 20 years. There are countless studies that have been done that show; the people who write down their goals are far more likely to reach them. So get out a piece of paper and get them down and out of your head.

Make One Change At A Time

While you may set many goals for the year, don’t try and do them all at once. Make a list of most important to least important and begin working on the top of the list and work your way down.

Just Start and Stop Procrastinating

Most of us are guilty of this and try and make all the best-laid plans to begin our journey and never take that first step for fear of failure. It may sound strange, however I think the key to success is first failing. Albert Einstein said it best “A Person Who Never Made A Mistake, Never Tried Anything New”.

So with 2016 now upon us I hope these 5 points help you on your journey this year and beyond and I wish you all the best of luck. Keep at it and never give up as you never know what you might be capable of if you just give it a go

HIIT Training – Why Is It So Effective ?

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Portion Control: The Number 1 Reason We All Struggle To Lose Weight

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Portion control is a common issue when trying to maintain or lose weight. These days portion sizes have become so skewed that it’s almost impossible to work out what a portion is anymore!

Many of the foods we eat, even the ones considered “healthy”, are being eaten at a rate that is vastly over the recommended portion size.

This is particularly evident at breakfast, whether it be a meal we prepare for ourselves at home or if we’re eating out at our favourite café.

Here’s an example of what is considered a healthy breakfast:

  • Organic muesli (no dried fruit)
  • Greek Yoghurt
  • Fresh Fruit
  • Milk

Sound healthy?

Sure it is, however it makes up nearly 800 calories!

This is considerable amount of calories given the typical male should be eating around 1800 calories a day and female should be eating around 1600 calories when trying to lose weight. If you eat this “healthy” breakfast, you have only 1000 calories for the rest of the day.

Now it’s lunchtime. Let’s presume you’re a worker in the city and in order to be healthy you have bought yourself a sandwich or sushi rolls. This is a much better option than that Thai noodle place across the street, right?

Yes, however each sushi has around 300 calories per roll. If you’re having two or three rolls, that’s another 600-900 calories.

Dinner time, another healthy option – steak and veggies and a glass of red. The average steak we buy is approximately 200 grams, which is another 400 calories. Then add a side of veggies or a salad, which would range from 100 calories to 300 calories. Plus a glass of red wine – 120 calories.

All up for the day, you have now eaten over 2,200 calories, and that’s without any snacks! This is a surplus of 600 calories, which is why you’re finding it so hard to lose those extra kilos.

Even though these foods are considered healthy, if you overeat them, they’re going to become unhealthy because they contain large amounts of calories.

3 Key Factors To Help With Portion Control

  1. Know whats in your food
    • If you are blindly eating foods and have no idea what makes them up you have no hope of keeping your portions to a size that will help you lose weight.
  2. Eat High Nutrient and Low Calorie Based Foods
    • Green leafy vegetables and fish are great examples of this while nuts and pasta are examples of high calorie based foods
  3. Eat Foods That Satisfy You
    • We are all different when it comes to foods that fill us up. Find what works for you and use these as a staple in your diet