Alli – Professional Water Polo Player
The TrewExPhys team started writing my programs in 2007 as I had an aim to get back into the Australian Water polo squad. With that goal in mind i had specific weight training targets I had to meet and Adam provided me with the most dynamic and functional programs that made it a joy not a chore to complete. With his help i was back on track in 2008 and was playing for Australia again in 2009. Thank you Adam  and TrewExPhys you were a great help and continue to be whenever I am need of your services.

Nigel – Chief Information Officer at REA Group
I’m not going to go on at length speaking in business jargon about why Adam Martin and his Trewrehab team are the best around at getting people back into life after a big shock that requires professional rehab services – you can read about that whole life and death experience here.

But I can tell you 7 years later I have never felt better and continue to work out with Adam twice a week, and riding at 7:30 on Sundays. Salut Adam

Kelly – Senior Relationship Manager for Australian Division, Group Property at ANZ
I highly recommend Adam. I’ve worked with numerous trainers and Adam is by far superior. His qualifications, education and training are evident in the results he gets with his clients. Adam has helped shape a program that suits my personal needs, and fits well with my lifestyle. Every week is different with Adam! Adam not only sets a great weekly training sessions, he helps you structure your exercise programme across the entire week, to get the best results. I have noticed a significant change in the composition and shape of my body since working with Adam. I’m a serve Asthmatic and Adam has helped me significantly. Why train with someone that has a 10 week personal training course (that they studied remotely), when you can work with Adam!!!

Kathy McKenzie – CEO at FIRE UP Coaching
After a car accident left me with significant neck injuries in 2006 I wasn’t confident about regaining full fitness. I met with Adam and he had a thorough understanding of how to work with me to not only achieve full recovery, but to gain whatever level of fitness I desired. Well that seems like a very long time ago now – after reeling off a list of “cant dos” in those early sessions, Adam has slowly but surely upped the ante over a period of time such that last year I did my first half marathon at 46 years of age. I really enjoy my sessions and particularly the variety and different challenges each week. Adam always demonstrates great professionalism and is a great example of healthy lifestyle himself. He is encouraging and supportive and I never feel judged (even when I know I haven’t done what I said I would!!) He puts together a program that gradually increases your fitness so that with consistent attendance all of sudden you know you are at a new level. I am most grateful for his expertise and for the wonderful sunny smile that greets me every Friday morning at 7am. Thanks Adam

Annette Scott – Account Manager at Jenny Barbour IT and Project Recruitment
I have found Adam to be an excellent Exercise Physiologist. His workouts are well planned and aligned to meet my goals and his rehab background means technique is a high priority. I have found that he has researched my sport well and my strength training is perfectly aligned to that sport for optimal results – Annette Scott

Maree Eddings – CEO,
I worked with TrewExPhys for a period of 12 months and had an exceptional experience. Their knowledge is far superior than other companies I have used in the past. They were able to assist me through a painful hip surgery recovery. I was able to return to a more stronger body as a result.
I would recommend Adam and his team to anyone who is looking to work with someone who they can trust knows what they are doing.
Thanks TrewExPhys

Cary Bolnick – Chicago, Ill

I have been doing online coaching with Adam and his team via email and Skype for the past couple of months. Adam and his team designed a custom workout and nutritional plan for me based on my current goals and I have been lifting harder, longer and more consistently that I have in years. In just the first month alone I gained several several pounds of muscles all thanks to Adam and the team at TrewExPhys. They were always there to answer my questions and I have found their help invaluable in helping me along my journey to reaching my goals. I highly recommend online training and the team at TrewExPhys.